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We Are Scone Cold Killers....

Discussion in 'Food Club Recruitment' started by Pnshckyfan, May 3, 2018.

  1. Pnshckyfan

    Pnshckyfan Villager

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    We are known as Scone Cold Killers and we are searching for you!
    If you are:
    An active event player (competitive, helpful, communicative)
    English speaking /writing.
    Able to achieve 2,500-3,500 points per day of event.
    Willing to dismiss all food trucks during event play.

    GOLD is our goal.
    Friendship is an extra result. Come join our family.
    We would love to have you.
  2. Tabby210574

    Tabby210574 Villager

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    Interested. I need to talk with my team. Will let you know. I see you have room for 5 members. We might be interested in merging. We have the same goals as you. Will be back in touch.

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