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Water gem :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Yapiton, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Yapiton

    Yapiton New in town!

    Any of you guys know where to get the water gem?
  2. Bobby

    Bobby New in town!

    A while back when I was killing some monsters in the desert they dropped a Earth gem, I'm going to assume that they drop from monsters near the river too, but I haven't gotten one after 200+ kills, so either I'm unlucky or they don't drop them at all.
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  3. Yapiton

    Yapiton New in town!

    Same here I can't find one near the river only wind gem.
  4. disturbed1

    disturbed1 Villager

    Anyone know where to get the fire gem? I have 5 hours to get before quest ends... Please and thank you
  5. Gena Glenn

    Gena Glenn New in town!

    The gems are pretty rare drops - you just need to kill lots of enemies. I'm not sure if it matters which you kill or not, but if you want fire-themed ones, kill stuff in the fiery area.
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  6. disturbed1

    disturbed1 Villager

    Working on dark moths, assuming I will get fire gem after killing all 20.
  7. Mimi

    Mimi Villager

    Currently, gems are random drops from monsters and dungeons. There is also a gem drop from defeating a boss. The types are always random.
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  8. Raccoon

    Raccoon Villager

    These drops are dropped by all monsters randomly.
    From what i'm experiencing is that this game's Item drop rate is completely random. UNLESS it is pointed as a "Quest" item that drops from a CERTAIN monster.
  9. Poisonburn

    Poisonburn New in town!

    Yeah it seems completely random, killed over 400 monsters now by river and ive gotten a fire gem From there... need 1 more water gem got one from quest boss monster as reward from quest and have gotten 4+ of every gem except water :-( really dont wanna use 49 diamonds to get the other gem i need and in total ive killed around 1000 monsters.
  10. cyrilz87

    cyrilz87 Villager

    same with me i was about to unlock warehouse ( have 2 water gems in my hand) but accidentally used one in crafting a calm spell. right now i am so damn needed water gems for next expansions and warehouse
  11. Poisonburn

    Poisonburn New in town!

    Just got my first water gem drop from a monster and not from a quest, only took exactly 1138 monsters for it and dropped of a sand maggot in the volcano area. Let me have 2 thanks to the level 24 quest reward and now have my warehouse. Adds 500 to max goods and can be upgraded but costs diamonds to upgrade first upgrade cost 10 of them and idk after cause im not gonna upgrade it.
  12. Truepower

    Truepower New in town!

    Is there a difference in drop rates between monsters your level and your level+2?
  13. cyrilz87

    cyrilz87 Villager

    lol before my level 35 is damn hard to collect water gem now at level 36 i collected 5 water gems on single level at this moment
  14. tama

    tama New in town!

    i got 1 after i kill 15 cookies monster
    it's so lucky

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