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Our Food Street Family - We Be Bacon - Needs Two More

Discussion in 'Food Club Recruitment' started by l'ocean, May 9, 2018.

  1. l'ocean

    l'ocean New in town!

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    Long established team --- We Be Bacon --- has two spaces and would love you to join. We are helpful, talkative, active and fun. You must be Level 25+, and play/be active for all events (We have a low minimum of 420/day; most of team get between 1,000-2,400/day). We do understand if life gets busy, so communication is important. We let each other know if we cannot play events ahead of time. Family/Life first, and with that understanding, we have become more of an extended family beyond a team (We are Facebook friends and have a team Facebook group).

    Thanks for considering We Be Bacon.

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