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Invite Friends Via Facebook And Receive Free Gifts!

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Bevy, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Facebook Invite Friend Promo

    Starts today Tuesday November 24th 12 pm GMT and will last for 20 days

    Min level 8 (no max level)

    How to participate

    Tap on the invite friends promo button located in the top right-hand corner of your game screen.


    A pop will appear as seen below.
    Tap on invite friends button.


    A list of suggested Facebook friends will appear, additionally you can enter specific friends you want to invite. Click the + sign located far right of the name of the friends you would like to invite. Tap on send located top right hand corner

    You have now invited those friends! Friends you invite will receive a Facebook notification (not a post to their wall) Inviting them to play Food Street.

    Once your invited friends install Food Street from the invite and connects their game to Facebook your progress bar amount shown completed will increase and you will receive your FREE gift! After 6 friends download and connect the game to FB , you will not be able to claim any additional rewards in this specific promo.


    If you did NOT invite a FB friend, but a friend started playing the game and connected to Facebook, you will still receive the prize (the feature takes a snapshot of your existing friends and upon load, will check if any new friends have joined)

    You cannot claim more than once from the same friend. If you have already claimed for a friend, unfriend them and then re-friend them, it will not be considered an additional invite.

    Friend has to install the game and connect to Fb for it to count towards total. Reward not received till this is done

    Your friend will receive a notification via Facebook notification. It will not post to your or your friends Facebook page.
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