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Feeling Like You Play Events Alone?

Discussion in 'Food Club Recruitment' started by Pnshckyfan, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Pnshckyfan

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    Don't be the lone event player. Come join us on a team that plays All Events. We have friendly players who are active players. We have trophies, we are looking for that elusive #1 spot out of the top 100.
    We have achieved #26 but we can do better.

    We are Scone Cold Killers, and we are killing our way to the top, leaving other teams behind.

    Our team members;
    Must be able to achieve 2,500+ points per day of events.
    Must be able and willing to play each and every team event.
    Must be able and willing to dismiss very food truck during each event.

    If you agree to the above rules, then join us today. We only have a few spots left and this is rare. Our teammates are very friendly and we communicate with each other.


    Join Scone Cold Killers !!!!!
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